Metabolic Coach

  • Anja Michel BN MBSc MPAS NP, Weston Creek Medical Practice, Canberra

Anja is originally from Germany where she worked in hospital emergency departments in Berlin, and completed a Masters in Biological Sciences at the Humboldt University. She migrated to Australia in 2007 to do a PhD in Biological sciences.

Later she decided to put aside a career as a scientist and commenced medical education at Medical School at The Queensland University to become a Physician Associate. This education is similar to that undertaken by medical doctors.

Anja has worked in the field of Emergency Medicine for over 20 years in both Germany and Australia.

In recent years she has joined the field of General Practice and has developed a strong interest in functional medicine; a division of medicine that considers a biology-based approach and focuses on the root problem of complex diseases.

Anja’s clinical practice is holistic and fully evidence based. Anja did training with the Diet Doctors and the Noakes Foundation and had developed expertise in treating and reversing the most common chronic diseases, such as T2 Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, Hypertension, metabolic syndrome, PCOS and Fatty Liver Disease.

She has also successfully managed many patients with moderate to severe obesity. All of her patients had multiple unsuccessful weight loss attempts in their life. The vast majority of her patients now experience a long lasting weight loss. Anja’s unique approach makes weight loss very easy; without hunger, without stress, without calorie counting, and without exercises.

Anja is very compassionate about finding an individual approach for each patient, and guides everyone on their personal journey to optimal health and a better quality of life.

To find out more please have a look at the Metabolic Clinic web page Diet4Healing