Email Encryption

  • Weston Creek Medical Practice, Canberra

Since 13th Feb, 2014, all mails sent to us from the 'Contact US' page has been encrypted by default for your security.

One may use this facility to send us past medical records, investigation reports, etc. Medical practices could save not just a lot of paper, electronic media and postage, but also a lot of time by sending us records using this facility. We prefer records in the xml format, compatible wtih the Best Practice clinical software. Please note that email sent to us using the 'Quick Contact' field would not be encrypted.

We take the privacy of our clients seriously; therefore, ask that all sensitive email messages sent to us (manager @ be encrypted using our public key(right-click and save the file).

If there is no access to an encryption software(freely available from, you may please consider faxing us on 02 6288 6737, as unencrypted email communication is inherently insecure and the Australian Privacy Principles forbid medical practices from using insecure email.

GPG4WIN may be integrated with your email client like Mozilla Thunderbird(free and open source) to setup up a free and secure communication system. If you need help in setting up such a system for your practice or home, please send a support request to itsupport @, and we shall be glad to help.